"An engaging romp through time and space, filled with charming period photographs, spicy folklore, outrageous personalities and even a walking tour." The New York Times

“I still find it astonishing to contemplate how much of our national identity, our sense of ourselves as a society and culture, can be traced to something or someone in Manhattan. Salwen does precisely this with the 200-plus blocks of the West Side, or West End, as it was once called . . . . Salwen’s dogged compilation of West Side folk and phenomena sometimes becomes so dense with detail that it clogs like Broadway at rush hour, but for the most part he tells his lively story with irreverent good humor.” Donald Dale Jackson,

“Salwen has written the definitive popular history of the neighborhood . . . . In the field of local history, ”Upper West Side Story” is an unprecedented work of historical research and synthesis. In this regard, “Upper West Side Story” is simply superb . . . . Get this book. If you’re into local history, you’ll flip over it. If you’re not, you will be by the time you’ve finished reading “Upper West Side Story.”
Warren Shaw, The Westsider